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YIDU new products, the third one: Color Laminating Film

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-13
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YIDU new products, the third one: Color Laminating Film

Diverse colors make our life colorful! Today I am so happy to introduce you the color Laminating film, let the lamination also has colors!

Color Laminating Film, one side is with color, the other side is the same as ordinary film. After lamination, the frame is the color of the  film, which is convenient for classified management of office documents. It is applicable to the menu, common documents, such as address book, notice, letter of authorization, as well as the display of study cards, certificates, drawings, manual work, etc. It's  suitable for home use, such as photo wall, souvenir card, children's graffiti, hand-painted, paper-cut and botanical specimens. A little caution, a little change, can also make your life become exquisite and colorful.

At present ,we have red, yellow and blue. Use it! "I have my own color", let your lamination extraordinary  from now on!

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