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YIDU new products, the second one: Magnet Laminating Film

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-08
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YIDU new products, the second one: Magnet Laminating Film

Magnet Laminating Film is a very special black elfin.  She is the mother's, the teacher's and the baby's favorite! Because it has a very fascinating function. Let's go and  have a look.

YIDU Magnet Laminating Film, after lamination ,it can absorb refrigerator, white board, blackboard, metal, and other magnetic panel, repeated paste, no residue. Black border, let the picture more obvious texture. Its main material is PET/PE/EVA, and magnetic powder, environmentally friendly, non-toxic. Suitable for family photos, teaching materials protection  etc. After lamination, the magnet film can absorb any metal wall, such as refrigerator, white board, blackboard, etc

Try YIDU Magnet Laminating Film together, the back side without any sticky feeling, let your photos, files  "fly up" freely!

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