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YIDU new products, the fifth one: Erasable Laminating Film

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-03
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YIDU new products, the fifth one: Erasable Laminating Film

Today comes our naughty elf to play: Erasable Laminating Film. In addition to having all the advantages of ordinary Laminating film like three-layers structure, super adhesion, flat, no warp corners, anti-electrostatic, high transparency, there is a special loved function by peoples, you can write and can wipe with no trace!

Yidu Erasable Laminating Film used high quality PET  and treated with high polymer technology to make the surface erasable layer with excellent writing resistance. It can be used as a whiteboard, useful for children's  facsimile of words and drawings etc. Easy to write and wipe, facsimile and mark are more convenient.

Together with your children, bring your creativities, and bring YIDUErasable Laminating Film to an unforgettable Parent-Child Campaign!


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