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YIDU new products, the forth one: Binding Laminating Film

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-22
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YIDU new products, the forth one: Binding Laminating Film

Do you often encountered a similar scenes: photos are too big, ordinary album can not to hold them on . And all kinds of letters, souvenir cards, do not know how to keep ? Then let our new product of Binding Laminating film to help you! Here are three sizes : 1 hole for size 64mm * 108mm, 228mm304mm with 11 holes and   80 * 100  with 1 hole. They can meet your different needs. Free of punching, directly lamination,  suitable for work card, factory card, access card, luggage tag, student card, exhibition card, and the documents need to be bound into a book , photographic works etc., and used together  with hanging rope, clip, and transparent strip.

YIDU Binding Laminating film, suitable for file classification, certificate preservation and convenient to carry, let the similar scenes no longer happen again, convenient for your office and life!

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